Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 Tips for Finding Helicopter Crash Sites

Helicopter crashes. They're the holy grail of DayZ. They spawn the highest quality military equipment - LMGs, sniper rifles, GPSs, NVGs, etc - and they're also very hard to find. With a few of these tips you can increase your odds of finding these rare crashes, and in turn, the best equipment in the game. 

  • Search open fields 

    Most of the known spawns for helicopter crashes are in the middle of large, open fields. They will spawn in smaller areas and on hillsides, but you will increase your chances if you focus on the open plains like those found on the mid-western side of the map.

  • Find a vehicle to speed up your search

    Vehicles are rare (especially on more populated servers), but are incredibly useful. Even bicycles can be useful in the search for helicopter crashes as they allow you to travel faster than on foot.

  • Keep your eyes open even if you aren't looking for them

    This one should be obvious. DayZ is a game which rewards those who are alert and aware of their surroundings. By default, holding down the left ALT key will allow you to move your view without changing directions. Look all around you when you are traveling and you might not only find crash sites, but other players and tents as well. 

  • Connect to a less populated server

    By playing on a server with fewer players, you increase your chances of finding a crash site that has not already been picked over. Also, less populated servers are obviously much safer as their are fewer humans involved.

Happy crash site hunting!

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